Advocates for the Tongariro River

The Advocates for the Tongariro River are a community group made up of people passionate about the river. Our aim is to speak out for the Tongariro River and promote ways to look after the river so that it is here for all to enjoy in the years to come.

What’s Happening

  • Lake Taupo Zone Committee Water and Climate Change – August 2019. More…
  • Final Report Conservation (Indigenous Freshwater Fish) Amendment Bill 87-2. More…
  • Tongariro Flood Protection Scheme Proposed Annual Works Programme 2019-2020 – July 2019 More…

Join Us

If you care about the future health of the Tongariro River and its environment and would like to support us in our mission then become a member.

Site Guide

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To find out more about the Advocates and our aims, visit the About menu or Contact us via our contact form.

The Issues menu covers a range of issues being addressed by the Advocates and the Library contains important documents such as Annual Reports, Newsletters, Key Documents, Presentations, and more.

River flow information for the Tongariro

Measured at the Major Jones pool, from Genesis Energy.