Statement of Purpose


Summary of Achievements

  • Formed a good working relationship with DOC, Turangi/Taupo

  • Promoting Fishing Etiquette on the River

  • Representative appointed to the Taupo Fishery Advisory Committee

  • Developing and supervising completion of the Tongariro River Trail

  • Participating in the Lake Level consent process and providing to Mighty River Power and alternative operating regime to achieve the same results for Mighty River Power.

  • Initiating and funding for a PhD Study to provide a better understanding of the food chain

  • A proactive Didymo supportive campaign.

  • Carp Farm community awareness resulting in withdrawal of the application

  • Developed the Tongariro River Integrated Catchment Management Plan which has been accepted by Waikato Regional Council Taupo zone committee and Council’s Integrated Catchment Committee.

  • Developed a good working relationship with Waikato Regional Council regarding the river management.

  • Funding of over $450,000 raised towards these and other activities over the years of our existence.

Strategic Plan


Established 2005

Vision statement
To be an informed, balanced and authoritative group seeking to
sustain and enhance
the Tongariro River for future generations.


Mission statement
To speak out for the Tongariro River and promote management
strategies intended
to preserve and enhance the values inherent in the
river and its fishery.


To have widespread public awareness of the Tongariro River - its
past, its present state
with the negative impact of the hydro power
scheme, and its potential future degradation
if remedial action is not


  • Send two newsletters per annum to members by agreed deadlines.
    Deadlines in June andNovember (to coincide with membership renewal)
    President &, Immediate Past President,and Bob McDonnell.
  • Send annual report to members. By 28 February Immediate Past President, & President
  • Generate press releases as appropriate
  • Assemble and Publish an Archive of documents related to the
    Tongariro Power Developmentand its impact on the River Immediate Past
To build membership and gain members' and the public's involvement
with the Advocates' aims of fostering management strategies that will
protect property and enhance and protect the
river as an effective
nursery for brown and rainbow trout.
  • Design a short questionnaire for members to find out how best to keep membership numbers up Graeme Duff and Sylvia Smith
  • Promote membership on website and add subscription form Sylvia
    Smith Encouragecorrespondence and comment from members into newsletter
    Secretary and President
  • Be inclusive of interested members of the public, including
    Inviting the public to the Advocates annual seminars Committee members
    and Secretary
To establish effective dialogue with Iwi and develop mutual trust.
  • Recognise and respect Maori values in relation to the river Committee members
  • Meet with Tuwharetoa and with Turangitukua Environment Committee President, Secretary and Tuatea Smallman


To ensure the promises made by central and local government and
power companies in respect of
doing least harm to the Tongariro River
are kept.
  • Actively lobby on behalf of the river and the town to improve river
    management and against further exploitation of the river for
    hydroelectric or engineering purposes and against any failure to keep
    promises. Committee members.
To have significant input into the development of a Management Plan
for the River, drawing on up-to-date scientific and engineering
  • Lobby the Management Forum to ensure
  • there are assessment reports on the current state of those parts of
    the river that have not been the subject of reporting, including
    analysis of options for intervention and an estimatedcosts, risks and
    benefits President and Immediate Past President
  • there are well informed views on strategies and interventions for
    managing the river to preserve its values for future generations
    President and Immediate Past President
  • monitoring, reporting and review procedures are included in the Management Plan President and Immediate Past President
  • that the River Management Plan has statutory status President and Immediate Past President
To monitor the River Management Forum’s effectiveness in involving
key stakeholders and interest
groups in discussion and input into
decisions about the river
  • Annually, seek the views of forum members to find out how well the
    forum is doing against its initial terms of reference. Suggest changes
    as may be necessary. President and Immediate Past President
To liaise effectively with central and local government, their
relevant agencies and key personnel
on freshwater matters and policy
issues that impact on the river.
Meet annually with each of the following:
  • Genesis
  • the Department of Conservation,
  • the Turangi Community Board to discuss current issues. President and Local Committee
  • members
  • Paritcipate actively in the River Management Forum meetings - with
    Environment Waikato and other key stakeholders Representative:
    Immediate Past President
  • Talk with Department of Conservation about collaborative project
    based involvement between DOC and the Advocates. In particular
    riverside planting projects and extending access between the Red Hut
    and Major Jones bridges to provide a complete public access loop track
    President and Local Committee members
At Government level
  • Meet with Department of Conservation, the Ministry for the
    Environment and the Fish and Game Council as appropriate, to discuss
    policy issues Vice president and Wellington based Committee Members
To establish effective liaison with all local groups which have
similar interests in the Tongariro River and
other rivers, with the
purpose of co-ordinating lobbying and action.
  • Maintain formal representation with the Lakes and Waterways Action
    Group, the Advisory Committee for Regional Environment, and the Taupo
    Fishery Advisory Committee Secretary
  • Establish dialogue with the Committee of the National Trout Centre Trust with a view to collaborative association President
To increase the Advocates’ collective knowledge of (a) all aspects
of the river and (b) the functions
and findings of other similar
advocacy bodies
  • Maintain a list of similar advocacy bodies Secretary
  • Write to all seeking information or where appropriate arrange meetings Secretary
  • Make contact with the Living Rivers Coalition with a view to having
    the Tongariro catchment included in their association Secretary and
    John Wheeler
To maintain financial stability and cash flow to meet planned activity
  • Prepare, adopt, and report on a strategic action plan Committee members
  • Prepare a budget each year Treasurer/Secretary
  • Research for appropriate funding sources for approved projects and
    apply for funding
  • Treasurer, Vice president and Graeme Duff

October 2020