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Summary of Achievements and Involvements of The Advocates for the Tongariro River

  • Formed a good working relationship with DOC, Turangi/Taupo
  • Promoting Fishing Etiquette on the River
  • Representative appointed to the Taupo Fishery Advisory Committee
  • Developing and supervising completion of the Tongariro River Trail
  • Participating in the Lake Level consent process and providing to Mighty River Power and alternative operating regime to achieve the same results for Mighty River Power.
  • Initiating and funding for a PhD Study to provide a better understanding of the food chain
  • A proactive Didymo supportive campaign.
  • Carp Farm community awareness resulting in withdrawal of the application
  • Developed the Tongariro River Integrated Catchment Management Plan which has been accepted by Waikato Regional Council Taupo zone committee and Council’s Integrated Catchment Committee.
  • Developed a good working relationship with Waikato Regional Council regarding the river management.
  • Funding of over $450,000 raised towards these and other activities over the years of our existence.