Key documents


Key documents relating to the Tongariro River and its catchment are provided here for download in PDF format.

Flood Scheme Asset Maintenance 2019/20 – 26/6/20
Lake Taupo Zone Committee Water and Climate Change – August 2019.pptx
Final Report Conservation (Indigenous Freshwater Fish) Amendment Bill 87-2
Tongariro Flood Protection Scheme Proposed Annual Works Programme 2019-2020 – July 2019
Legal Opinion on Indigenous Freshwater Fish Amendment Bill by Sir Geoffrey Palmer – August 2018 304KB
Tongariro River Annual Works Programme 2018-2019 1.1MB
Link to Simon Stewart’s PhD – May 2018
Simon Stewart PhD Presentation 28-04-18 6.1MB
Tongariro Annual Works Programme 2018 2.2MB
Shags and the Taupo Fishery. Target Taupo, issue 18 570KB
Draft Tongariro River Works Plan 2016-2017. Waikato Regional Council – June 2016 847KB
Lower Tongariro River: Potential breakout options management options study. Tonkin and Taylor – March 2016 8.2MB
Carp Decision Submission – December 2015 115KB
Draft Tongariro Annual Work Plan 2015-16 – June 2015 2.3MB
Iwi Purchase Prison Land – April 2015 429KB
Tongariro River Works Plan 2014-2015 – June 2014 141KB
Was didymo here all along? By Jamie Morton, science writer for the NZ Herald – May 2014 141KB
The Origin of Invasive Microorganisms Matters for Science, Policy, and Management: The Case of Didymosphenia geminata – May 2014  1.1MB
The Didymo story: The role of low dissolved phosphorus in the formation of Didymosphenia geminata blooms – March 2014 828KB
Evaluating the use of 1080: Predators, poisons and silent forests – June 2013 Use of 1080 update: Jube 2013 418KB
Waikato Regional Council Tongariro River Works Plan 2013-2014 Tongariro River Works Plan 2013-2014 660KB
Exploring Future Opportunities for the Taupo Fishery: A Review of the Taupo Sports Fishery – May 2013 Exploring Future Opportunities for the Taupo Fishery 4.4MB
Terms of Reference: Taupo Fishery Review – February 2012 Terms of Reference: Taupo Fishery Review 1.3MB
Tongariro River Flood Control Scheme: Draft Management Plan for Floodway Maintenance – May 2012 Draft Management Plan for Floodway Maintenance 4.4MB
Building a Bluegreen Future: An environment policy paper by the New Zealand National Party March 2012 Building a Bluegreen Future 721KB pdf
Report of the Waikato Regional Council Hearing Commissioners on applications by the Waikato Regional Council (River and Catchment Services Group) to the Waikato Regional Council (Resource Use Group) for erosion control/flood protection works. 356KB
Review of Electricity Planning and Electricity Generation Costs from Bernie Galvin to Roger Douglas, 27 March 1985 21MB
Tongariro Fishery Provision resulting from the power project, 4 April 1968 466kB